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  • This heavy duty dining room table is built to last.  The frame is made of 3.5" beams that are joined together with age old mortise and tenon joints (cut by hand with a hammer and chisel). The table top is 1.375" thick and is capped with breadboards at each end.  There is 11" of overhang at the end of the table to allow space for seating at the ends.  The table frame disassembles to help with ease of moving.  These tables are made to order which allow for customization of size and stain color.

    Rustic Truss Dining Room Table

    SKU: 00015
    • Materials: Douglas Fir


      Finish: Polyurethane


      Dimensions: 94" Long x 36" Wide x 30" Tall


      Care Instructions: To clean, slightly dampen a rag with water and wipe down table surfaces. Dry the table with a clean cloth (towel). Do not let water stand on the surface of the table.

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