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Mortise and Tenon Joints for Custom Made Table

The Basics

Egg Farmer Furniture is a Buffalo based, locally owned woodworking business that specializes in furniture design and building.  The company offers both pre-made and custom built furniture.  

Egg Farmer Furniture will also offer a wide variety of wood based household items.

A Little Story

I originally started making very simple furniture for ourselves, but quickly became enthralled by the whole process and the chance to learn and gain new skills.  After years of collecting tools, gaining experience, and learning from a couple of true masters, I decided to try running a small business doing what I have come to love.  

I have a Bachelors degree in Environmental Biology and have  a deep appreciation for the natural world.  This has lead me to create what I consider a more sustainable line of furniture.  The goal is to use high quality materials, and build in such a way that my products will last for a very long time.  The idea is to reduce materials used over time and reducing the waste caused by throwing out cheaply made furniture.  I source species of domestic wood as locally as possible, often purchasing from small local saw mills.  I don't often use exotic woods, but when I do, I make sure to purchase FSC ( sustainably harvested) certified woods.

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