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  • These Mid Century Modern styled solid Bolivian Walnut side tables have tons of character.  The Walnut contains "peck", which is the byproduct of a fungus that grows in this tree species in its native range.  The fungus leaves crevices and gaps in the wood that are lined with a black crystal structure.  These gaps are filled in with clear epoxy, so the structure of the wood is visible.  The epoxy finish also results in a level and smooth table surface.

    These epoxy finish is highly durable and water resistant.

    Mid Century Modern Bolivian Walnut Side Table

    • Length:



    • The eopxy finish on these tables is extremely durable and water resistant.  However, it is recommended that precatuions, such as using coasters, are taken to prevent over exposure to water.

      The table can be wiped with damp cloth or rag, using clean water.

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